About Me

Hi, I'm Nakeetsha!

I am your God-fearing, Dave Ramsey loving, “Tell it like it is and cut the nonsense”, stewardship coach! I used to be one of those Christians who thought that after you gave your life to the Lord, everything else would just automatically fall into place! Boy was I wrong!! I went on a quest to find out why my money and relationships remained jacked up even after I had committed my life to God.

What I found through reading God’s Word and coming face to face with the teachings of some God-fearing money masters, was that God requires us to be good stewards over all the things that he has gifted to us. That means that we are responsible for managing all that He has entrusted to us! We are expected to steward our hearts, our time, and yes–our money, until the Master returns (Matt 25:14-30)!

Along the way, I found out that relationships are pretty important to Him too! I hope that in reading my blog, you will find yourself in my stories and identify areas in your life where you can become a better steward. My hopes are that you may experience His blessings in your obedience so that you may live a rich AND abundant life here on earth until we meet Him in eternity! Welcome!

Love God! Manage Money