5 of the Best Tips for Working from Home!

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Working From Home: Blessing or Curse

Three years ago, I was presented with an opportunity to work from home. I know, I know, it sounds like a dream come true for most, right?  Well, just after a few weeks, I found working from home to be terribly difficult…almost depressing!  Along with being incredibly isolating (I am an introverted-extravert), I found that it was just not as much fun as I had initially hoped for. My whole goal in making the transition was to expedite paying off our debt including our mountain of student loans (yes, debt causes you to make hard decisions). But I quickly realized that if I was going to survive and thrive working from home, there were a few disciplines that I would have to employ.

Here is a list of my 5 best tips to help you succeed in working from home:

1. Set a reminder to move every 30 minutes or so.  Without it, you could easily sit for hours on end at your computer without moving and this is NOT ideal! Try to get outside to smell the fresh air often!

2. STAY OUT OF THE PANTRY! When I would get bored in the beginning, I would find myself standing in front of the pantry time and time again. This led to unhealthy grazing which quickly resulted in a 15lb weight gain over 3 months. Honey, it’s easy going on and hard as heck to get off (but I did lol). Just don’t do it!

3. Find a GOOD CHAIR and a comfortable workspace. The kitchen or dining room table may work in the interim but is probably not ideal in the long term. My back suffered greatly when I had to work from the dining room without an adjustable chair. Find a portable, adjustable table and/or chair to create good body ergonomics.

4. AVOID DISTRACTIONS! Working in an open home filled with kids, pets and other distractions is very difficult! Before I had the luxury of having a home office, I had to move my workspace to a quiet place with fewer interruptions. For me, it was the guest room. Also, on side note, monitor your social media time. You won’t believe how much less productive you are when you get sucked into social media!

5. LASTLY, GET DRESSED! Maybe not fully the first few days, but soon after. I know many of you may say that this is the joy of working from home. Why would I shower and get dressed? Well, I will tell you that when I worked in pajamas, I felt incredibly relaxed and LAZY! It was very difficult for me to switch my brain to work mode in flannel pajamas and fluffy socks. ( I do telepsychiatry so I am only seen from the waist up). When I started showering in the morning and getting fully dressed, I felt much more focused and productive!

Do you work from home? Have you found tricks or tips that work for you? Share them with us in the comments.